Christmas Love


I saw this young couple and was desperate to catch them alone admiring this artwork piece, but the guy was sort of in the way. In revisiting the shot, however, I sort of like that he’s in it. They are young and in love and he is old and alone, a third wheel. I like the contrast here. It’s a fitting photo. I know what it feels like to stand alone outside of a world where people inevitably find one another and fall in love. Of course, the story of the old guy is likely far different than the photo suggests. He’s probably got a lovely wife in the other room admiring some other piece of artwork and a tree at home all decorated and ready for when the kids drop by on Christmas day with their families and they all sit down together to a big Christmas family dinner.

I took this photo today at the Distillery District during an outing with my friend Paula. We had a fun time but man was it cold. I got some shots of the lights after dark that I’ll post tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Christmas Love

  1. Chloe says:

    this photo has a very romantic feel dave, it’s lovely ❤

  2. Frances says:

    Oh…that is so sweet. Wish it was me !

  3. yi-ching lin says:

    i also love this shot, the framing with the older gentleman. perfect! enjoyed your backstories, too – imagined and not (smile).

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