Dundas at night


I shot this a couple of weeks back with my 5D. This is at ISO 1600, which is very clean. I could shoot at 1600 or 3200 all day without worry.

On my way to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District today with my friend Paula. Should be fun. I’m hoping to get some nice shots, and that the crappy weather that’s coming holds out for the afternoon, at least.

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16 Responses to Dundas at night

  1. very futuristic. Love the lines and metalic feel to this one.

  2. Frances says:

    Love your new camera. I need an upgrade even though I dont know how to use the one I have 🙂 I do know how limited it is… it’s annoying.

  3. yi-ching lin says:

    i just upgraded to the 5D Mark III, too. now that we’re using the same camera, i could use some pointers… i also noticed that you finally got around to shooting yourself (smile) – for the profile pic.

    • Hi Yi-ching, so nice to hear from you. Congrats on your new camera. It’s a heavy one, eh? I’m still figuring it out, too. I did set up the custom shooting modes: C1 is for portraits, C2 for indoor low light and C3 for pan and blur shots.
      One thing I can suggest is to disable the Auto Lighting Optimizer (I think that’s what it’s called) if you’re shooting RAW. It’s purpose is to help bring up detail in the shadows, but that gets stripped out when you import into Lightroom or any other photo editing software. This means that, when it’s on, you get a false sense of what the photo looks like on the camera’s display. Best to disable it.
      I still have not tried the HDR or the double exposure features.
      Another thing which I really like is the ability to set a ceiling on the Auto ISO, so the camera will never go above a certain ISO value when in Auto ISO.

      • yi-ching lin says:

        hi, Dave. thank you for the recommendation. what if i never shoot in RAW? and 99% of the time, i only use Preview to adjust lighting. will disabling the ALO be necessary? i do feel a false sense of what the photo looks like…i think i will set up the custom shooting modes as you suggest – it might make my fingers hurt less…

        • If you’re shooting JPEG then definitely leave it on, since it does help. I think I used to have mine set to Standard. It will carry over to Lightroom when exporting from the camera.
          For C1 portraits, I set aperture to wide open, the ISO to 200 and the meter to spot. I left the white balance to sunny. You can always change these on the fly. The changes don’t stick.
          For C2 indoor low light, I set the ISO to Auto with a ceiling locked at 6400, white balance to tungsten, and aperture to wide open. I am thinking to change that to shutter priority and set it to 1/30th of a second.
          For C3 pan and blur, I set the shutter to 1/15th, the ISO to Auto locked at 3200, the shooting mode to IA Servo and Continuous high speed shooting. I also changed the focus point to a small group of nine points around the centre dot.

  4. yi-ching lin says:

    i am going to try your recommendations, with the exception of pan and blur, which – since i rarely use a tripod – may not need…

    • I never use a tripod. The pan and blur is always handheld. You simply lock onto a moving subject, like a yellow cab, say, (you guys have cabs in NY, don’t you?) 🙂 and then follow it while firing off a handful of shots. It’s lots of fun. And by having one of the custom presets all set up for it, you only have to swing that dial when you see something coming your way that looks interesting. I’ll post one next.

      • yi-ching lin says:

        hmm…yes, cabs. okay. will have to try that. i guess i imagine you with a tripod as you’ve talked about it before – maybe for the HDR photos…can’t remember. thank you!

  5. yi-ching lin says:

    good morning, Dave. so yesterday, i set my Cs, and the ease of sliding to C2 was lovely. shot for about four hours around the city, inside and out, which will eventually make it onto the photo/writing blog. thank you so much for the recommendations!!

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