A walk in the park


This one goes back a month now to the beaches photo walk, at Ashbridge’s Bay. That’s a part of the group up ahead in the photo. This is one of those shots where I’m trying to balance the elements in the photo. I’ve used the big tree in the foreground to create a frame for the three coniferous trees to the left. I like the way the light sort of overwhelms the scene and suggests a very bright, sunny afternoon, which it was. Hope you like it.

So it’s another Christmas eve. Got out early from work today, which was nice. No plans tonight. I did have an invite to a get-together in the neighbourhood but I’m really not up to socializing right now. Tonight I plan to watch a Christmas movie and maybe have a glass or two of wine. Tomorrow I’ll meet my dad for breakfast (there’s a little diner open in the beach Christmas day) and then head downtown for a very short walk and to take some photos. Supposed to meet up with a couple of other friends down there. Hope we can find somewhere for lunch.

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