The Path


In Toronto we have a series of underground pathways that sort of connect the downtown core. It’s called The Path and it’s filled with shops and such. I got out today with a friend and we ended up in The Path and I took this as we approached Union Station. I’d already taken a handful of shots and was really wishing for someone to come along and be in one, when I heard the clickety click of heels echoing off the walls. I set up the shot and just waited until she rounded the corner. I had no idea what she’d look like or be wearing, and I think I got a bit luck with this one, since she seems to suit the scene. Hope you like it.

Also hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas! Mine ended up not being what I’d expected. I called my Dad and he cancelled meeting for breakfast so I just went downtown and met a friend and spent a few hours taking photos. On the plus side, I did get some nice shots. It’s been a loong while since I’ve had a good day out with the camera.

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