24-105mm @ 24mm  |  F4  |  1/80s  |  ISO 2500

I shot this at the Starbucks located behind the BestBuy at Dundas St. & Bay St. in downtown Toronto back in November. I think it’s pretty clean for ISO 2500, especially considering the both the focal length and aperture are wide open, which tends not to be the lens’s sharpest settings. Once you stop down to F5.6 or F8 and zoom in a bit to, like, 35mm the lens becomes far sharper. For this shot I wanted the width and to get the ISO as low as possible. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. It’s darn cold here in Toronto, but there seems to be almost no wind, so I’m thinking to get out with the camera for a little outing downtown.

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2 Responses to Starbucks

  1. I get so caught up in the story of your photos that I forget there’s a science behind the shots. That’s a good thing!

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