Really Simple Photo


This is one very simple photo. If I wasn’t with the group I might have waited for someone to walk into the shot, but that’s okay. You might not find it appealing, since there’s nothing going on, like not a thing, but I sorta like it. I probably should have cloned out that empty planter box on the right, but… Anyway, don’t “like” it unless you honestly like it. 🙂

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4 Responses to Really Simple Photo

  1. A photographer is always most critical of his own images. I like this as it is. The planter box draws the eye away from the sign post and vent(?) creating balance. The person you were looking for is, I think, the sign post itself. It’s simple images like this that force me to look at my artistic side a bit more.

  2. I’m drawn to all the shapes. –tw

  3. This is nice, I prefer it as it is, clean and minimal. Well done.

  4. Sometimes simplicity is enough.

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