Hamilton Church in HDR


If you’re not familiar with HDR, it stands for high dynamic range. Basically, you take three photos of the same subject/scene; one exposed properly and one under exposed and one over exposed. You then combine or stack the three photos in Photoshop or some other editing software to create a photo with tons of detail. The problem is that usually you end up with this hyper real look that looks almost fake or cartoonish. Also, you can get a halo effect between the subject and the background or sky, in this case. Me, I’m not much of a fan. I think the day will come when this type of photo will look dated.

My camera has a feature that allows me to create HDR photos right in the camera, so I figured why not try it out. The results were okay but nothing I’d post without further doctoring. In this case I did extensive work in LR to reduce the halo effect and try to keep the photo looking somewhat realistic. So there you have it. Hope you like it. Happy Monday.

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2 Responses to Hamilton Church in HDR

  1. frances says:

    I think it’s fricken awesome !!!!! Love everything about this photo!

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