Bay Street Distorted


It was a good weekend. I actually got out again yesterday, which means two days in a row with the camera. That was a treat. Went to Riverdale Farm and the cemetery just north of it. I’ve got a couple of photos to share later this week. For now this is a shot from Saturday, taken from the steps of Toronto’s Old City Hall, facing south down Bay Street. Bay Street is Toronto’s version of Wall Street in NY, without all the corruption. 🙂 I actually added the distortion in LR for a little fun. Hope you had a nice weekend, too. Happy Monday.

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2 Responses to Bay Street Distorted

  1. sayvan says:

    Bay Street has always been distorted! It is very much like Wall Street only Canadians are slightly more polite. Your title say’s much more than the picture can reveal! A good capture that when combined with the title allows the viewer to really draw their own conclusion on the meaning of the photo.

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