New Toronto condos


Toronto is throwing up condos left, right and centre. Some people are questioning how on earth we’ll ever fill them all. The market’s flooded, they say. It wouldn’t surprise me to see an adjustment at some point. For those buying long, and with a goodly amount of cash in the game, it won’t really matter. For those buying short, well… time will tell. At least our banking system is regulated enough that the banks won’t just throw money at anyone. There’s little chance that what happened in the U.S. back in ’08-’10 will happen here. But Canada could easily be dragged down with the rest of the world, if other major players don’t get there spending in check and start focusing on balanced budgets and debt repayment.

Funny, when I began this post I totally wasn’t planning to write about this. Anyway, tomorrow’s Friday. The weekend draws near. TGIF, right? 😉

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