Hit 500 Subscribers Today


Well I hit 500 followers today! A bit of a milestone for me. The best part is my 500th follower is my friend and coworker, Ann! I mentioned that I was one away from 500 and she signed up. If you happen to enjoy my photography, please feel free to sign up for an email notification of my posts. I tend to post only one a day so don’t worry about being bombarded with notifications. The sign-up field is just below the last photo on this page.

As for the photo above, I took it during a recent outing with the group through Cabbagetown, in Toronto’s east end. To be honest, this really isn’t my style of photo but we were on a residential side street and for me there wasn’t much interesting to shoot. Those are my fellow photographer friends up ahead. I shot wide open (F4) and at 105mm, which created a very narrow depth of field. That’s why things in the distance are out of focus. I could have shot at F11 and everything would have been in focus, but I’d have lost the emphasis on the gate’s pointed post . Anyway, hope you like it.

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