Alley skater


Took this one last summer down at Dundas Square. This is an alleyway that’s south of the square but easily visible from it. I wish the two people were just a couple of feet further apart. What can you do, right? So Friday’s done and another weekend begins. It was a very rough day for me. No sleep and a back that was acting up big time. That’s two night this week with next to no sleep. Unless you’ve been where I am you can’t imagine how tough it is to function without sleep. I desperately need a break but at the same time I can’t imagine having more time off to spend alone. It’s a real conundrum, I tell ya. I just hope I sleep tonight. Got a work out in the morning to do and I’m hoping to go downtown shopping. I also got to work on the magazine. No photography this weekend again but I don’t care anymore.

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