Street corner artist


This shot dates back to late January. When  I first noticed her I thought she was a homeless person. She was just sitting there. I was with my photographer group a few yards away (yeah, I know, it’s metres but I’m old fashioned that way) waiting for our walk to begin. It was early morning and people were still arriving for the walk. Our meet up spot was the S/W corner of Front St & York St. Anyway, I walked over and started chatting with her and it turns out she’s an artist. I didn’t ask her anything person so I don’t know for sure if she was indeed homeless, but she seemed not to be. She was drawing in a large notepad. I asked if I could take her photo and she agreed and then hammed it up for me. Typically I prefer candid shots but sometimes people can add a little life to a photo and that was what she did.

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2 Responses to Street corner artist

  1. the wuc says:

    This is awesome – the juxtaposition of her being still while the car zoom around her. And her Mona Lisa smile really seals it. Nice work!

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