Death is sure. Are you ready?


I remember my reaction when I saw this guy outside the Eaton Centre, across from Dundas Square. Basically, it was, “holy shit!” I knew immediately this would make a terrific shot. I took this back in October and I think this was my last outing with my old Canon T2i before I bought the 5D Mrk III. Hope the weather improves soon so I can get out again. I’ve pretty much had it with winter, which seems to be still lingering even though it’s now coming on a month into spring.

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3 Responses to Death is sure. Are you ready?

  1. the black and white is so effective, not only with the image, but with the symbolism as well. I love that he’s looking right at the camera. The girl’s expression on the left side of the photo is very evocative as well.

  2. oh yes, you’re right about him. I’m just so taken with this photograph. It’s one of those shots that makes you think about its theme long after you see it, and it has depth on so many levels.

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