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Here’s another shot from last year, back in May. Not sure what he was writing but I liked the splash of light. Had a half decent sleep last night so I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself again. Going to head downtown for a bit of shopping and then meet a friend for lunch.

On a side note, I want to share a little trick I came up with to help me better manage my addiction to junky food. If you’ve been following along, you already know I’ve been working out religiously since last July. I’ve managed to drop nearly 20 lbs (203-205 lbs down to 185-187 lbs) and have picked up some muscle mass. The program involved changing my eating habits, too. That worked well up until December. When Christmas season hit I ended up sort of falling off my program a bit. I never broke the 190 lbs ceiling but I felt like I was failing in the fight to eat right. I’ll fix it in January, I thought; and although I did improve on it I was unable to completely get back on the program (it’s not a diet, but just eating properly). The working out was still going well, three to four times weekly, but I was cheating on eating. Part of the success of my working out is I have a calendar and cross off each day I do a workout. Due to my mild OCD, I find putting that X on my calendar very satisfying. Crazy, I know, but for me it works. It’s very motivating.

So last week I came up with a new idea around the whole eating issue. Beginning last Monday I now circle each day on the calendar that I do not eat anything junky. If I have so much as a potato chip I do not get to circle that day on the calendar. So far I have not missed a day. I’ve dropped two lbs since in seven days and have not once gone hungry. Yesterday I was at the mall and craving yummy stuff at the food court. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about it, just grab a little something for something to do. But then I thought, “If you grab something here you don’t get to circle the calendar today.” And then I thought, “Plus, you’re not really hungry, are you? And you have food at home, healthy food. Skip the crap now and by the time you get home later you’ll actually be hungry and can eat something good for you.” And that’s just what I did.

Also, a friend on Facebook noted that whenever you find yourself thinking you are hungry, it might be that you are only thirsty. Learn to understand the difference. I hadn’t ever considered this but now I think about it all the time. I also consider if I’m truly hungry or just depressed and looking for food to mitigate this mood. When I do give in and eat something crappy, I also try to really think about and remember how I feel afterwards. Typically, it never sits right in my belly and it also makes me feel bad about myself for not having more self control. The next time I reach for that junky stuff on the store shelves, I try to recall the aftereffects of the last time I ate it. More often than not, I take a pass on it.

Of course none of this works every time, but it all helps if you are a junk food addict like me. The main thing is to keep this in the forefront of your thoughts when you find yourself in a moment of weakness. For me, that whole circling dates on a calendar works like a charm.

Anyway, this really has zero to do with photography but I felt like sharing. Have a good Sunday.

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4 Responses to Sidewalk writer

  1. I feel your pain. It’s so hard for me to pass up the junk food. Over the last year, I have learned that fruit is sweet, even without sugar. Natural almonds are a favorite snack, and when I want a carb, I’ll choose a few animal crackers. They have a good crunch and are low in fat. Thanks for the tip about being thirsty instead of hungry. Last March I gave up all drinks for water (except my morning cup of coffee).

    Love the light on his tennis shoes above too. It’s like an exclamation point.

    • Thanks TW. I’m still eating fruit daily — a banana, apple and half a can of sliced peaches (the one packed in water, not syrup). I also eat three dates for a snack, which is very high in sugar. I’d give the animal crackers a try but I know that if I bring a box into the house I’ll much up the whole thing in an evening. I’m bad that way. Just got to keep that stuff out of my house.

  2. Jazz apples are my favorite lately and I love strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

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