This one dates back to Sept 2011. Can’t recall where I was but I’m certain it was way out in the west end. I shot it at F5.6 aperture but really should have upped it to F11 to get everything in focus. To my eye the depth of field is too narrow. I believe I focused on the graffiti on the bridge “I” beam and then recomposed, but the guy walking along isn’t really in focus. That’s where F11 would have helped. The narrower the aperture (higher F stop number), the wider the depth of field (or amount that is in focus). Landscape photographers often shoot at F16 or narrower, whereas portrait photographers will often shoot at F2.8, which is vary wide.

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4 Responses to Bridge

  1. a_wally says:

    I don’t find the slightly wider f-stop a problem in this image. Sure the walker may not be pin sharp but as the focus is the bridge structure (well for me it is) then the person becomes just a prop. I like it and feel the person is a necessary part of the image but I don’t think he really needs to be any sharper than he is. Great work, always inspirational.

  2. really liking all the lines here.. nice shot indeed!

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