Brisk business on the street


I was walking through Chinatown last May and saw these ladies checking out whatever it was this guy was selling and thought it would make a nice shot. The look on his face is a bit comical. I guess I caught him in mid chew. I don’t know if he knew these women but they were very lively and seemed to be having fun with him. He didn’t look all too impressed.

So I slept last night a full 8 1/2 hours, which for me is really something. I was sooo exhausted yesterday I ended up in bed at 9:00. Thanks god I slept because I had a full workout planned for this morning and it’s always waaay harder to do without a proper night’s sleep under your belt. Feeling pretty damn good right now for a change. Going to finish the magazine this afternoon. I think I’m going to quit the magazine as of the end of this year. It’s gotten to be just too much for me. The workload itself, to be honest, isn’t that arduous, but it’s the constant worrying about my never ending looming deadline that’s wearing me down. I feel like I’m paid to carry this monkey on my back all the time. If I go out to take photos I feel guilty because really I should be here working on the next issue. The upside of quitting is I’d get my freedom, back but of course the downside is I’d have to learn to live on less income. My full time job doesn’t pay that much and I really do need that extra income to make ends meet. It was easy back when I was sleeping properly all the time, but nowadays nothing is easy anymore. I’m still mulling it over but I think I’ll eventually have to give it up. I might ask to stay on as a consultant and assistant editor for less pay, which they may go for, I don’t know. Anyway, have a good Sunday. Hope you like the photo.

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