Enjoy ice cold coke


This is how it works for me, mostly. I’m walking through Kensington Market and see this guy (I think he’s a butcher) out front of his (or his daddy’s) store having a smoke. He sees me and my camera and is alert to the fact I might try to photograph him. This removes any ability to catch a candid shot from the hip, so instead I raise my camera in his direction and tap the lens, nod and point at him. He nods back so I raise it to my eye and fire off a shot or two and continue to move on. We both nod to each other again and that’s that. It’s not a candid shot but I like that he didn’t smile or make any effort to acknowledge I was taking his photo. With street photography one idea can quickly morph into another and you have to be on your toes to at least catch something. Had he smiled or something like that, I might have stopped and asked him to just ignore me and not look into the camera, then taken another shot. This one dates back to March 2012 so it must have been a warm day. Hope you like it.

Tomorrow’s my last day at work this week and then four days off!!! Yay! I do have work to do Friday but that’s n0t a problem. I’m really hoping to get out Saturday and Sunday with the camera. It’s supposed to be 17 C and sunny both days. Then Monday I can focus on chores and getting ready for the work week, which looks like it’ll be one busy bitch.

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