Oooh, we’re protesting something or another


Here’s another from March 2012. I remember coming across a protest downtown, which is always a treat for me, and snapping a ton of shots. I won’t waste your time discussing the protest, since it was pretty much ridiculous and laughable. Put it like this, at the time this was big news and here we are a year later and it was all much ado about nothing. I like this photo, though, and I think it’ll make it in my next book. I really should get started on that.

Anyway, today is day one of my four day weekend. The plan is to finish up some lose ends for the magazine, maybe meet Dad for a coffee this afternoon, and then get out walking with the camera for the next two days. I’ve been having some pretty serious back problems and I’m pretty sure that two days of walking should clear it right up. Monday I’ll focus on editing and chores. Happy Friday everyone…

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