I need a nap right now!


Saw this guy Saturday afternoon catching some rays while sound asleep on the sidewalk. Toronto’s a great place, but it is disturbing that we as a society seem to accept people so down and out that they’re sleeping on our streets. Not sure what the answer is here, just saying.

So today’s the final day of my four days off. Gotta say, it wasn’t bad. Went downtown Saturday. Met my ex-friend for lunch Sunday (we’re past all that relationship business and have managed to maintain a great friendship). Today I’ve been sort of working around the house. I could really use another day but when is that ever not the case, right? Happy Monday. Hope you like the photo. I think this one will make my next book.

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2 Responses to I need a nap right now!

  1. and he’s barefooted. seems so cold. excellent photo journalism.

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