Common Sort Riverside


This shot’s a bit more recent, just a couple of month old. I dialed it up in Lightroom to give it a vintage feel. This buildings along Queen St. E. in Leslieville are quite old, actually. The area has really grown in the past few years and has become a hip place for cafes and trendy restaurants and shops. I live about 10 minutes east of there.

So the week’s finally over, finally. This is our busy week at work and you really have to have your game on to get through it alive. Me, I’ve been riding on next to no sleep for three days now. This morning I got up and was flat out exhausted. When I finally got home I somehow pulled off a full workout. I feel a bit better now but it’s definitely going to be an early night. I’m thinking I’ll get out tomorrow with the camera. I might even meet up with the photo walks group to which I belong. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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