I’ll trade you this book for your suitcases


I snapped this one a week ago Saturday while downtown. I was actually more drawn to the light on the guy in blue. It was one of those shots where I just stopped cold, raised the camera to chest height and fired blind. No one had time to react.

Well I got another stage of the magazine completed this weekend. Still got a final weekend of editing to do and it falls on the loong holiday weekend, of course. I’m beginning to change my mind about quitting the magazine since our provincial government just released a new budget and in it they’ve announced a plan for road tolls. I work in a city just north of Toronto so taking public transit is out of the question, unless I give up what little free time I have in order to ride on a 40-foot petri dish to and from work every day. Currently I spend an average of 90 minutes on the road to and from work each day. If I take public transit that would become about three hours or more. Not gonna happen. But to drive will mean my cost of living will be going up dramatically, which means it would be a dumb idea to quit my second job. However, I have been known to entertain dumb ideas in the past, so we’ll see.

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