Roof top sunset watchers


I recall this shot from last summer. I was out with the photo walks group and man was it a hot one. We’d finished walking through an Little India Street Fest and stopped at a local pub to cool down over some beers and eats. On my way out I noticed these four people on a roof watching the sun set (at least it seemed like that’s what they were doing). The hard part of composing a shot like this is deciding how to deal with all the negative space around your subject(s). I like to use my subjects in a couple of ways. Usually I like to have an odd number of things to look at, like three or five, but never too many. And of course I like the subjects to be interesting, that pretty much goes without saying. But during that moment when I’m composing the shot I like to look at the weight of each subject and object in the frame and try to set up the shot in a way where there’s a pleasing balance of weight to the eye. Sometimes that balance can make or break the shot. At the very least, it can take a good shot and make it great. In this case I had almost nothing to work with so I decided to sort of use the negative space of the sky as a backdrop. What else could I do, right? It was either going to be the sky or the wall and since they are sort of looking up I figured I’d give them something to look up into. Anyway, long story short, I hope you like it. Have a good weekend.

On another note, I am seriously considering another camera. Something small and good for street shooting. I might go for the Fujifilm XPro2 when it comes out (rumoured in June). The XPro1 was a terrific camera but plagued with a lot of issues. The thing about Fujifilm, though, it they tend to learn well from their mistakes and the next generation usually fixes most of the issues. The new X100s is vastly superior to last year’s X100. I’d even buy one except it’s a fixed focal length lens and I like the flexibility of a zoom. The thing about a fixed focal length lens, though, is you really learn about composition. In this case the X100 and the newer X100s are a 35mm focal length (in full frame terms). That’s not bad but also not great for portraiture. Anyway, the Xpro2 is an interchangeable camera system meaning that you have options around which lens to use. That for me is more appealing. We’ll see in a couple of months.

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  1. I like the composition of this picture. Great work!

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