Apple eating kid


Last weekend I made it out with the photo walks group. We lunched at a Vietnamese restaurant on Gerrard near Broadview. After the meal we all congregated outside the restaurant, preparing for the afternoon portion of the walk. This little girl was watching us from her parent’s car window while munching on an apple. I noticed her and figured there’d be no way she’d sit still for a photo, so I just swung around and raised my camera and snapped off a quick shot. Sure enough, she squealed with delight and slipped back into the darkness of the car. I would have liked to have captured her in better light but you take what you can get, right. She was cute as a button.

So I’m off this week but really that’s only on paper. I’ve been busy as hell since Sunday. Looks like tomorrow I’ll finally get the last of the stuff I need to get done, done. Then I can finally begin to enjoy my vacation. There’s something to be said for taking off two weeks at once, since you can invest a bunch of days to chores and still have a bunch left to relax. Right now it’s looking like I’ll have Friday through Sunday — three out of ten days off with nothing to do. That’s the most time off I’ve had in a very looong time.

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