Looking for light, and a little luck


So out I got again today. This time I met my photography friends for Dim Sum in Chinatown, and then headed west to Kensington Market. Man what a beautiful day today. The best part is I feel I’ve sort of got my mojo back. Up until this weekend, it seemed that whenever I went out with the camera I just wasn’t feeling it. I’d come home with far less shots than I usually shoot and they’d all be crap, save for maybe a couple. But yesterday and today were great for me, for some reason.

The photo above came along at the end of the day. The late afternoon sun was reflecting off an office tower across the street and lighting up the lowrise buildings in the photo. I framed my shot but there was really nothing much to shoot. So there I sat. And sat. And sat. Finally, after like 15 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much but try watching a large pot of ice water come to a boil on your stovetop. Suddenly, 15 minutes seems like an eternity. Finally, I noticed this cyclist peddling down Bay St. and I then started figuring out the traffic, since cars were cutting through my shot like crazy. I also started sizing up the foot traffic, since my hope was to have a few walkers in the shot, also. When the moment came, I snapped off a handful of shots, of which this one I like best. I think it worked out nice. Shows you what can be garnered with a little patience. Remember, there’s no rush. Wait long enough and something interesting’s bound to come along. At one point today at Kensington Market I just sat and snapped people as they walked by. That can work, too.

Anyway, hope you had a nice weekend and like this photo.

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4 Responses to Looking for light, and a little luck

  1. richardlcarter says:

    Really is very nice .. Happy your finding joy again! Rick

  2. I love this line (and the photo too), but this line sums up so much of what I need to do more of in my life! “Remember, there’s no rush. Wait long enough and something interesting’s bound to come along.”

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