Profit vs Humanity

GMOProtest-698-EDITEDThis is probably my favourite protest shot from Saturday. The march turned up Yonge St from King St. and the protesters were immediately blanketed by shadows from the tall buildings. I snapped some shots but they lacked good light. I looked up Yonge and noticed spots where lighted poured onto the street, either between gaps in buildings or where the buildings were low enough for the sun to shine over them. So I ran up ahead and waited for the crowd to make it to the good light and shot them there. Made a world of difference. When I was first starting out the only way I’d get a shot like this is by pure luck. Now I make my own luck, when the opportunity arises. Hope you like it.

So I’m finally back to work today. It’s been ten days away. Wow! Wish I could say I actually had a true vacation but it was mostly chores. I think I got three days to myself. But that’s okay, those chores needed doing and if I don’t get them done on my May week off, it’ll take me many weekends. Anyway, have a good week.

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