Outside the bank on Yonge

GMOProtest-19-EDITEDI was really hoping the splash of light the guy was walking into would illuminate his face for this shot but it didn’t work out. I might be wrong but I think if I’d waited a nanosecond longer until his face was well lit up, his entire body would have been in shadow. In the end, this is the shot I got. I’m still pleased with it. It’s from Yonge St. last Saturday.

I meant to mention: last weekend I tried to figure out my camera’s propensity to under expose my shots. This has been a little distressing, but I think I’m working it out. Basically, I notice that it’s not the camera but the LCD display on the back. If I get the exposure dead on on the back of the camera, when I get home it tends to be slightly over exposed on my computer. If I do not increase the exposure compensation, except for maybe a third of a stop here and there, many of my shots appear under exposed on the camera’s display but properly exposed here at Lazy Photographer HQ. I recall having a similar but opposite issue with my Canon T2i. It tended to over expose. Anyway, my current workaround is to set the display brightness to one point brighter than the centre setting. By doing so, my camera display gives me a more accurate looking exposure.

Oh, and here’s a tip for anyone shooting DSLRs. Turn off your LCD display’s “auto brightness” setting. What it does is adjust the display brightness depending on the light you are in (not the light your subject or scene is in, but the light around you and your camera). Here’s why: If you are taking a photo in a well lit spot and then step two feet over and find yourself standing in shadow, the LCD will change its brightness automatically, which can give you a sense that your camera’s metering system is wonky. What you want is a consistent brightness for all your photos, ideally one that’s as close as possible to the exposure of the image you are shooting.

At some point I’m going to take a series of shots and takes notes on each, and try to set up the brightness on my LCD display to match exactly the exposure of the scene I’m shooting.

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