Scary little critter


This is one of those times I really wish I owned a macro lens. My 24-105 canon lens just can’t get close enough and is not sharp enough for such chores. This little critter was actually on a metal bridge post facing down, but I rotated the shot so he’d look like he’s on a horizontal surface. Someone else in our group noticed him first and when I went to photograph him he got up in a fighting pose for me. The shadow was awesome. I had to seriously crop the shot but what can you do. With a macro, this would have been an amazing capture. Anyway, happy Monday. Have a good week.

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10 Responses to Scary little critter

  1. it’s amazing as is. the shadow and his stance is great. the color is also fabulous.

  2. Margie says:

    Interesting little bug!
    I bought a macro lens last year for my Canon EOS 20D and I love it. I recently bought a Canon Powershot SX50 and am having fun with the zoom lens, but it is much harder to use it for macro images.

  3. yi-ching lin says:

    still an amazing shot to me!!

  4. teo says:

    It’s really great as it is. Now the shadow stands up and it’s kind of mysterious, with a macro lens I guess the spider itself would be more at the focus of the picture and it would have a completely different spirit…

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