Got style


During my outing last Sunday this guy was watching me as I waited for the right scene to develop for this shot. He was standing pretty much right behind me. After I got what I wanted I turned to walk away and we made eye contact, so I asked him if he minded I take his photo. He asked what for and I explained I was just a street photographer and that it wasn’t for any news publication, so he agreed. The first shot wasn’t working but then he took a drag on his smoke and that was it. I’ll tell ya, you gotta take care who you ask to pose for a photo, because if you catch the wrong person you could end up tangling with the guy over it. I’ve got a good sense for these things and can usually tell when there’s no point asking. With this guy, it just seemed like he’d say yes. I’m guessing had he been with his buddies, he might have told me to f-off. Who knows. Hope you like it.

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4 Responses to Got style

  1. lisa5477 says:

    I do like it! It’s so cool.

  2. One does indeed develop a sense around who to ask for a street portrait, and it is best to listen to it. Just this morning, I passed up an awesome shot because I could tell my request for a photo would not have been well-received. So goes the life of a street photographer; sometimes we just have to walk away and look for the next opportunity.

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