Kensington Market Dress


I like the dress but it was the colour of the background in contrast with the dress that really caught my eye. And this lovely girl walking out of the store happened into my shot, fortuitously.

Well this has been one busy week — the first of the month always is. But my team and I am getting through it. I just changed functions at work, too, so it was especially challenging. On top of that, I started working out after taking a week off to let my back recover. I’ve had some seriously painful lower back issues the past month, but it looks like that week off from working out was just what I needed, since I’m pretty much pain free now. It’s a little tough getting back into it but I’m a trooper. My best news is that after this work week my next four are all four day weeks. Yay!

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2 Responses to Kensington Market Dress

  1. i’m amazed at how you seem to capture movement in the objects you photograph. the dress looks as if it is in motion.

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