At the diner




If you’ve been following along you know that over the past year I’ve changed what I eat and have been working out constantly. Well, sometimes you gotta throw in a cheat day or at least a cheat meal. The last time I was downtown I almost stopped in at this diner for a tasty burger but passed. This time I figured, ah heck, why not. The food was fabulous and as an added bonus the waitress was kind enough to let me take her photograph. In retrospect I would have done it a bit differently, in order to show off the diner, but I really wanted to focus on her eyes. As you can see, she’s got quite unique and photogenic eyes. As a rule, I won’t provide the name of the place, for the sake of the young lady’s privacy.

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2 Responses to At the diner

  1. Frances says:

    That burger and fries looks so good right now. Milkshake too… I must go there.

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