Cell phone talker in red


I literally ran for this shot. The guy was sort of walking back and forth in front of this Dundas St. W. building chatting on the phone. There were people all around; it was a busy afternoon. But I realized there’d be a few moments where he’d be in just the right spot and alone, if I really hurried. I ran down the street and started snapping. At first he was looking at me but when he realized he’d be in my photo he turned and started walking out of the scene. That suited me fine, as I waited until he got the the right point for this shot. Kind of makes me laugh that this guy had no idea how much thought and work went into getting his photo. One thing I always try to do is get people in just the right stride. I got lucky and caught this guy like that.

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2 Responses to Cell phone talker in red

  1. lisa5477 says:

    Yay! Glad you got your shot. 🙂

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