Life under the bridge


I got out with the group yesterday. Ended up at the Brickworks, which is quite an interesting spot. I haven’t been there since the place was redeveloped. They did a nice job. After the Brickworks we ended up following this ravine and along the way came upon this overpass. Not sure what road it was above, but the bridge was pretty cool. That’s Mary on the left and Andrew on the right, two other photographers in the group. I ended up drinking one too many beers at the end of the walk, which kept me tossing and turning all night. Pretty tired today. Did my work out but I could really just go back to bed. Too much to do, though, and I’m already behind. Happy Sunday.

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3 Responses to Life under the bridge

  1. A fantasy novel book cover. Amazing piece. I’m serious, I’d read the book under this cover. I don’t know how an artist offers a piece of work for cover art, but this one is worth an offering.

  2. I keep coming back to this photo. It’s powerful and beautiful. You should look at marketing this as book cover art.

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