Rocker Girl


I was walking back to the car from Kensington Market when I noticed this girl in a doorway. Just seemed to be a good photo waiting to be taken. I asked and she agreed. I didn’t give her any direction but would have had she smiled or something. I wanted something very street and a little tough. I showed her the photo and she got right away why I wanted to take it. Hope you like it.

So I entered a photo in a contest, but it’s not a photo contest. It’s a popularity contest. I won’t win because I don’t want to win dishonestly by chasing votes. The contest is broken down into various categories than run for a couple of week and then close.  I looked at the last category and the top three most popular photos were pretty much crap. The winner had something like over 700 votes. I then found a photo that, to my eye, was a real standout. It had three votes (including mine) and was near the bottom, sadly. I came across this contest because other photographers I know are posting on Facebook left, right and centre trying to get people to vote for them. I just don’t understand how they’d feel if they won. Like, as the winner can you honestly tell others you won a photo contest? I think not, not unless you have no personal integrity, right?

So why did you bother entering, you might be thinking. Fair question. I really am not sure. I just wanted to throw up a photo and see where I’d get without begging for votes. I won’t be sharing where this contest is, since I really don’t want to drive votes dishonestly. I did mention it on FB, but in a post similar to this one. I told me friends that if they happen upon it to only vote for it if they honestly feel it deserves it over the others. I did not tell them what photo it is, but my name is associated to it, so they’d be able to tell by that. Anyway, it went live today and I got one vote already! Yay! It’s an honour just to be nominated. You know who says that? The losers. 🙂

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4 Responses to Rocker Girl

  1. katti says:

    You are right, those contests are only for those who know most people. I was offered to participate in one last week, but then I had a look at the first 10 with the highest votes, and they were all -truly- crap…

    • I’m not sure why I bothered, to be honest. The photo in the lead is okay, though. The real winner of the bunch (in my humble opinion) is in the top three, so that’s encouraging. I’m up to three votes now. 🙂

      • katti says:

        good luck, but dont take it personally of you dont make it! hehe…

        • Oh of course not… It’s no biggy. The winning entry has now garnered about 175 votes. I don’t stand a chance. But like I said, it really has little to do with photography and the three votes I got were honest ones. I’d take three honest votes over 100 from friends I begged any day.

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