Hidden Creek

Brickworks2013-252-EDITEDHere’s another from last weekend. I had to get right down onto the rocks to shoot it. Not my usual stuff, but I think it came out nice. Hope you like it.

Well it’s my first of four days off. Not really into it, though. Yesterday was my b-day and that, along with Christmas, is not something to which I look forward. I haven’t been myself leading up to it but I know in a few days it’ll be in my rear view mirror for another year and I’ll move on with life. I don’t celebrate it, although I did buy a chin-up bar yesterday — one that fits in a door frame. Looking forward to adding that to my workout routine. I was hoping to get down and see the tall ships on the waterfront today but I’m not up to being around people. Gotta cut  the grass before tomorrow’s rain. I’m hoping to get out to see that new movie, World War Z. I read the book and it was terrific. Anyway, Happy Friday.



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