Tall Ships at Toronto’s Harbour Front


So I went down to Toronto’s harbour front this morning to shoot the tall ships. They’re in town this weekend. The plan, which didn’t work out, was to get up extra early and shoot them at sunrise, before the place was jammed with people wanting to check out the boats. Problem is, I had a really rough night’s sleep and was too tired to really get it together for a sunrise shoot. Instead, I cruised down around 10:45 AM. Figured it was early still, but turned out to not be early enough. I’m sure the afternoon was packed, but even at that time on a Sunday morning the place was crowded. Made it very difficult to get any good shots, like ones not filled with tourists. But when God gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? I saw the distant sailboat slowly making it’s way through my shot and figured if I could frame it just right I’d have a photo worth showing. Here it is. I really should have arranged a boat rental and shot them from the lake, away from the crowds. Maybe next year. I’ve got a few others I’ll share this week, but this is one of my favourite of the day. Well, I shouldn’t say day, since I was home by noon. Man was it hot out. Hope you had a nice weekend.

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