Kids working Kensington


This shot goes back to the last Sunday in May, which was the first Pedestrian Sunday of the season at Kensington Market. I wanted a shot of the first girl but I could see that placing the second girl behind her and just off the one side might sort of draw the viewer in more and create more interest. Worked out nice. They were cute kids just working one of the stands on the street at the market.

Well here we are, another Canada Day weekend. As usual, I went to my buddy’s place a couple of blocks over for a barbecue. It was fun. The same bunch of folks have been attending for well over a decade now. Most of them I see only once a year at this event, so it’s nice catching up. Ate and drank some but not too much of either.

So it’s been a year since I started down a path that changed my life — well, physically speaking. I’m in much better shape than this time last year and a solid 20+ lbs lighter (yet I’m bigger in all the right places). It feels pretty darn good, I gotta say. Still no special someone in my life, I’m afraid; and although I struggle with the same loneliness as I did a year back, I’m learning to be more accepting of it. The girl who broke my heart this time last year is still in my life (only as friends) but even that’s turning sour. She’s really only interested in hanging out when I’ve got something to offer, like tech support and Lightroom lessons. When there’s no need for me, I don’t hear from her. Even when I do, it’s only by text unless she needs my help. I don’t have a lot of time or patience for that sort of friendship. I’ve never been the sort to burn bridges so instead I’m just keeping my distance by simply letting her carry the friendship. Instead of me calling/texting her to see if she wants to get together, I’ve left it all in her hands now. Her lack of interest in actually maintaining it means we often go six weeks without a word, then I’ll get some texts for a day or two, then four more weeks with no word. I can’t recall her ever asking me to get together with her with no ulterior motive involving me helping her with a problem. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it hurts some, especially considering how much I liked her. If this was happening to one of my friends, I’d tell him he needs to cut her lose and move on. It’s never that simple when it’s your situation though, is it.

Anyway, I’m hoping this time next year I can report that I’m still sticking to my regiment of working out and eating right. Hope y’all don’t mind me venting about my personal life.

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One Response to Kids working Kensington

  1. Rick says:

    Not at .. there are more like you / us than we know! It is hard but I find God is always with me but a person I can visit in the physical is always nice! =) Thanks for your input! Rick =)

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