Beautiful Kensington Market


Had an unexpectedly great day out at Kensington Market today. It was Pedestrian Sunday again, so the streets were closed to vehicular traffic. Instead, they were jammed, wall to wall with people. I ran into a couple of photographer buddies and we just walked around all day. Got burned, but that’s okay, comes with the territory.

I got some nice shots, I have to say, including this one. Gosh, she told me her name and it was quite lovely and original and now I’ve forgotten it. Anyway, she was selling some beautiful artwork on the street. She was kind enough to let me photograph her. I’m guessing she gets it all the time. I usually touch up portraits but with hers I didn’t really have to do anything. This is one of my favourites of the day. It’s easy to take a beautiful picture when you are shooting a beautiful subject, right?

I gave her my card so if you happen by and would like a copy of your photo, drop me an email and I’d be happy to send it to you.

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