Gooderham Again


This is the Gooderham building at the corner of Church & Front St. It’s Toronto’s iconic flat iron building and she’s a beaut’. I’ve photographed it numerous times over the years and the first photo I posted to the photography blog I created by in June 2009 was of the huge mural on the backside of this building. This is actually an HDR image, meaning that it’s combination of three photos shot at different exposures (3 stops each way) and then combined in camera. Usually you have to do this in Photoshop afterwards but the 5D Mrk III has a built-in HDR feature. I used the Vivid Art mode for this one. To be honest, I think I could have done a better job myself in Photoshop, but I felt like playing with it yesterday.

Weekend’s been good so far. Slept great last night, and I’m meeting friends for a night walk late today. I will hopefully have a few night shots to share next week. Happy Sunday!

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4 Responses to Gooderham Again

  1. mrewilson says:

    Beautiful colors. Really love this one. Very fascinating how it’s three shots.

  2. Lovely. It’s easy to lose the building in the background of the massive glass and steel structures behind it. You have done well bringing the eye to it while including its surroundings.

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