Late Night Love


Is is probably one of my favourite photos of this summer. I first noticed two guys walking in the same spot in the other direction and snapped off a test shot, but I already knew this couple was coming the other way and that if I got lucky I’d catch them mid stride. What I hadn’t anticipated was how old this photo would look once converted to black & white. I love old b & ws so it was a nice surprise to see this come out like this. Now that I’ve accepted that my camera’s display does not give me an accurate interpretation of the shot’s exposure, I’m finding the metering system works flawlessly. The shots look dark on the screen but when I get them into LR5 they’re fine.

I didn’t make it home until 2:30 AM and to bed until almost 4:00. Then up and working out at about 9:00, which was pretty rough. But I feel great now. Hope you have a good day. I’m off today — a stat holiday in Ontario. Yay for holidays!

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4 Responses to Late Night Love

  1. UsuallyInteresting says:

    this is awesome 🙂

  2. The shot is perfect in term of timing, posture, proportion and lighting. I think it looked great in b&w.

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