Rob & Michael


I haven’t posted a portrait in a while so I thought I’d share this one. That’s Rob in the foreground and Michael in the background. This was taken up in Klienberg last weekend. They are both fellow photographers in our group.

Well, Wednesday’s done and gone. Won’t be long until the looong weekend. Then September moves in. Traffic to and from work will once again be a misery and the days will really begin to shorten. I love fall, but I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I do feel I made the best of the summer but to be entirely honest I was sort of hoping to meet someone this summer and it never happened. Fortunately, I didn’t really get my hopes up. It’s was more in the back of my mind, is all. Anyway, best not to think about that stuff, really. Things could always be worse, right? So Happy Hump Day. Weekend’s almost here.

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  1. Books on CD or tape. I love them on a commute. Give it a try. I get lost in the story and then hate it when the ride is over. 🙂

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