Night Tunnel


Here’s another shot from my night outing a month back. I’d really like to get out at night after a rain, while the streets are still wet. Makes for some fantastic reflections of light off the pavement. Maybe at some point this fall. Anyway, happy looong weekend. Kiddies are back to school Tuesday. I remember how horrified and nervous I was as a kid come the end of summer. I didn’t fit in at school so my experience is somewhat traumatic. I feel sorry for those shy, socially awkward kids counting down the hours this weekend to another school year. It’s not easy. Anyway, y’all have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Night Tunnel

  1. Nice street work. I love the anchoring of the grate at the bottom of the image and the payoff of the 7-11 sign after following the lines down the scaffolding. Good work!

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