Bicycles at City Hall


Well it’s been quite the long weekend for me. Yesterday Teresa and I went out in the rain to shoot some of the leftover art installation from Nuit Blanche, an annual night art festival held in Toronto in the fall. This is an installation of over 3,100 bicycles out front of City Hall. It’s really quite amazing and also difficult to photograph (at least for me). Teresa got some fantastic shots at night. This one I snapped in the afternoon, using the reflection in the square’s large pool to help. I’m pretty pleased with it. We also went and saw that Clooney Bullock movie “Gravity.” The effects were fantastic but the story line was pretty linear and there was almost no time for character development. Still, it’s worth seeing on the big screen.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks… Hope y’all got some turkey in ya. I missed out but I might hit a local restaurant for turkey dinner later.

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