Bike Rack Abstract


The bike art installation out front of City Hall is interesting, but difficult to shoot. Undoubtedly, it’s been photographed from every angle possible. I hate shooting stuff that’s already been shot to death, like the CN Tower, unless I can figure out a way to get something that maybe has not been done. Well, here’s my attempt at that. This is the row of bikes all mounted on a horizontal rail. The wheels are about six inches apart. To get this effect, I shot with a slow shutter then gently jerked the lens in an upward motion as I fire the shot, creating a vertical motion blur affect. I don’t do many abstracts because, well, I don’t really “see” like that. This one turned out okay. Some of you won’t like it, for sure., but that’s fine.

Well, it’s my last day of my five days off, and a pretty busy one at that. At least it’s going to be a very short workweek. Happy Tuesday.

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