Roach Rama


This photo comes from my last outing to Kensington Market. Wasn’t really sure if I could make anything of it, but after playing with it for a while I finally got something I like. Hope you like it too.

Had a good day at work today. Learned a whole new process under the patient tutelage of my brilliant coworker Ann. Ended up writing my only little DOP (description of process) for it. I’m hoping by the next time we run these jobs in a month I’ll have it down pat. I don’t think t mentioned this before, but I injured my shoulder about three weeks back. Had to take some time off working out, followed by a modified workout, which I’ve been on for about a week now. It’s been pretty difficult to take, to be honest. I was worried sick I’d fall out of the routine of working out. Now that I’m doing the modified workout I feel like I’m back to my old self again. I see the physiotherapist next week and I’m hoping that I can return to my normal routine by a week from tomorrow. I’ll have to take it easy to begin with but that’s okay, as long as I am able to stick to the routine.

So our photography group is having its anniversary party tomorrow night. I’m still undecided about going. A couple of the members have been OCDing over Toronto’s mayor, posting news updates almost hourly on FB. Basically they’ve turned Facebook into Fordbook (after May0r Ford). I’m not really interested in attending a party that might end up being a glorified roast of our mayor. I can stay home and turn on the news for that, or late the night talk shows. I’ll probably go and just call it a night the minute anyone starts in on the mayor. Don’t get me wrong, what he’s done is indefensible and there’s no doubt he’s got to go, but that’s not something I wish to discuss at a party that’s supposed to be a celebration of our group and of photography.

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  1. Love the composition of this piece.

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