Meal on the street


I’ve taken a bunch of shots of this guy over the years. Chatted with him here and there but never really asked too many questions. Really nice guy. Friendly and like to joke. Doesn’t mind his photo taken at all. Before the end of the week I’ll be posting one more of him from the winter.

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6 Responses to Meal on the street

  1. I like the almost mirror image here with the person behind him in the window. really cool shot.

  2. Bekah says:

    My lens tends to follow the homeless whenever I come across them. I’m more sneaky though because A) I’ve never been a people person and B) I think candids always have more … well they seem more real to me. Have you photographed other homeless people in the past? Do you talk to all of them? Thanks for sharing!

    • I almost always prefer candid shots and often shoot from the hip. I don’t talk to all the homeless people I shoot. Often I’ll offer them a couple bucks for a photo, take the shot and move on. It depends on my mood. I’m very shy but I’ve found that photography has helped to get me out of my shell. Thanks.

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