Dressed for success

SundayMauro-147-EDITEDIt’s easy to think that the solution is to simply throw money at the problem, but when you suffer from mental health of substance abuse issues, more money is not going to make you healthy or make you make smart life choices. I have no idea what the solution is but I believe our government needs to stop wasting our tax dollars on buying votes and start investing in the people who really need the help. The trouble is, we only rent our governments on four year cycles and they feel pressure to give us everything we ask for in order to get re-elected. Meanwhile, guys like this fall between the cracks. Maybe it’s partly to do with the fact our government knows he likely is not a voter, so what’s the point. Just speculation on my part, of course. Who knows, really. The last figures I have read show Toronto coming on $4.5 billion in debt. The third largest line item in the budget is the interested to maintain that debt, not pay it down, just maintain it, coming in at a whopping $400 million annually. That’s $400 million not going towards helping people like this.

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