Heavy Metal


It was pointed out to me that my post from yesterday was a duplicate from earlier in the month. Oops. I have a system that mostly works but sometimes operator error does get in the way. Life goes on, right? Anyway, I’m really hoping I didn’t already post this one too. I don’t think I have. It was at Kensington Market from a month or two back. Just one of those odd scenes. I’m glad I caught it. Took a ton of photos from all different angles. I think I like this one best. I have another I’ll post at another time.

I have a new project! A life challenge, of sorts, in fact. It’s not photography related and I’m afraid I can’t talk about it, but I’m excited to give it my best. It’s going to take the winter, at least. It’s not difficult or time consuming, but it’s something that may be of great help to me, should I succeed. Right now from the start line it seems next to impossible, but I like those odds. What’s the point of a challenge that’s not challenging, right? Wish me luck.

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