I’m done clowning around


This one dates back to the end of May. Boy that feels like ages ago. Something sorry looking about this clown crossing the street, his show over for the day. Like, I picture him going home to a one room flat and washing off his makeup and spending the evening alone and lonely. Without his makeup he doesn’t know how to engage people. He needs it to hide behind. Once the makeup is on, he’s a new person, filled with courage, gregarious and charming. Sort of reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, Paranoid Eyes. It opens with this verse:

button your lip don’t let the shield slip
take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask
and if they try to break down your disguise with their questions
you can hide hide hide
behind paranoid eyes

I can feel a story here, with this one. Just not in the mood to invest the time necessary to write it.

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2 Responses to I’m done clowning around

  1. teo says:

    Your photos are really about the stories they tell, don’t they 😉 and everyone can see a different story in them, that’s really the great thing about it …

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