Head bonnet


That is some hat this guy’s sporting. This shot dates back to Oct 2011, although I didn’t process it until 2012 – hence the watermark. I have no idea where it was but a good guess would be around the Eaton Centre or perhaps Dundas Square.

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve had my camera out of the bag. The weather here in Toronto’s only getting worse, too, so if I hope to get some shots in I better get out sooner than later. I’m hoping to get down to the Distillery District to shoot the lights at night. Might even go with the tripod for a change. I really need to invest in a lighter tripod. It’s always something. I’m going to be selling my older canon T2i shortly. Just got to take photos of it and the three lenses before I posted it. The sale of that should help with a lens purchase. I’m thinking the Canon 16-35 F2.8 L Glass. It’s sharp and wide but not cheap. I think it’s around $1,400 CAD. For that I could invest in a new camera, something small and light for days I don’t want to drag around the big boy camera. I’ve been thinking either a Fuji XE2 or an Olympus Pen. We’ll see. The smart move would be to save my bucks.

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