City Hall Night


Here’s another night shot from back in mid-October. This is Nathan Phillips Square, out front of Toronto City hall. That reflecting pool will soon be iced over and turned into a skating rink. I snapped the same shot you see here last winter in the daytime when the rink was chockablock with skaters. So today was the busiest day of the month for me at work. Fortunately I have a great team with lots of support, so it went pretty smooth. Still, I’m beat now. Some people from the photo walk group I’m in are downtown right now on a night shoot. It’s not a bad night for an outing but after the day I had I just wasn’t interested in going out tonight. Also, this girl I was sort of dating briefly will be there and just two days ago we decided to go our separate ways, so it’s probably best I stay away. Not that it ended badly, mind you. There were no hard feelings. Sometimes things just don’t work out, right? We’ll still be friends. You know how it is, I’m sure. Anyway, hump day is over. The weekend looms.

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2 Responses to City Hall Night

  1. Frances says:

    Sorry to hear that… Michelle and I were rooting for you! It looked like something nice was developing there. We were living vicariously through you. Nice pic too. 🙂

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